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Zoom Vomero 5 'Yellow Ochre'

Zoom Vomero 5 'Yellow Ochre'

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The deadstock Zoom Vomero 5 'Yellow Ochre' brings a burst of vibrant energy to your running experience. These shoes blend cutting-edge technology with a retro-inspired design, ensuring both style and performance on the track or the streets.

With its bold yellow ochre colorway, the Zoom Vomero 5 stands out from the crowd, making a statement with every stride. The upper features a combination of breathable mesh and supportive overlays, offering a comfortable and secure fit that's essential for long-distance runs.

Equipped with Zoom Air cushioning technology, these shoes provide responsive support and cushioning, minimizing impact and maximizing energy return with each step. The durable rubber outsole offers reliable traction on various surfaces, ensuring stability and confidence in every run.

Whether you're logging miles or exploring the city, the Zoom Vomero 5 'Yellow Ochre' is the perfect companion for runners who demand style, comfort, and performance in every run.

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