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Neckface x Dunk Low Pro SB 'Black'

Neckface x Dunk Low Pro SB 'Black'

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Unleash your street style with the deadstock Neckface x Dunk Low Pro SB 'Black'—a collaboration that fuses artistry with skateboarding culture. Crafted for the modern urbanite, these sneakers capture the raw energy and rebellious spirit of the streets.

Inspired by graffiti artist Neckface's bold aesthetics, these Dunk Low Pro SBs feature a sleek black design punctuated by edgy details. The premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship ensure durability and comfort, whether you're shredding at the skatepark or exploring city alleys.

With its low-profile silhouette and grippy outsole, the Neckface x Dunk Low Pro SB offers optimal board feel and control, empowering you to push your limits with confidence. These kicks are not just shoes; they're a statement of individuality and creativity.

Make your mark on the urban landscape with the Neckface x Dunk Low Pro SB 'Black'—where art meets action in the heart of the streets.

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