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Dunk Low SE 'Chinook Salmon'

Dunk Low SE 'Chinook Salmon'

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Dive into a sea of style with the deadstock Nike Dunk Low 'Fish Scales'—a captivating and ocean-inspired iteration that pays homage to aquatic life.

Key Features:

  • Fish Scale Textured Swoosh and Heels: The defining feature of this Nike Dunk Low is the unique iridescent scaled texture applied to the Swooshes and heels. Mimicking the intricate pattern of fish scales, this design element adds a touch of aquatic allure to the sneaker.

  • Green and Grey Color Palette: The upper is predominantly covered in shades of green and grey, creating a color palette reminiscent of the natural hues found in aquatic environments. The ballistic nylon base and suede overlays provide a textured and layered aesthetic.

  • Ballistic Nylon Base and Suede Overlays: The construction of the Dunk Low incorporates a ballistic nylon base, known for its durability and resistance, complemented by suede overlays that contribute to the sneaker's premium look and feel.

  • Hook Tooth Detailing: Adding a playful and thematic touch, hook tooth detailing is introduced to the lateral Swooshes. This small yet distinctive feature nods to fishing elements and enhances the overall storytelling of the design.

  • Light Blue Accents: Light blue detailing is strategically placed on the tongues, insoles, and heels, adding pops of color that evoke the freshness of water and sky. These accents contribute to the vibrant and dynamic visual appeal of the sneaker.

  • Fish Motifs on Tongue Tags and Insoles: Special fish motifs printed on the tongue tags and insoles further emphasize the aquatic theme, creating a cohesive narrative that connects all design elements.

  • Sail/Cream Laces and Rubber Midsoles: The inclusion of sail/cream laces complements the color scheme while offering a customizable fit. The rubber midsoles maintain a clean and versatile appearance, allowing the unique details of the upper to take center stage.

  • Light Grey Rubber Outsoles: The light grey rubber outsoles provide a solid foundation for the Dunk Low 'Fish Scales,' offering durability and traction for everyday wear.

With its ocean-inspired design and attention-grabbing details, the Nike Dunk Low 'Fish Scales' is a standout addition to the Dunk lineup. Whether you're a sneaker enthusiast or a fan of aquatic aesthetics, this release invites you to make a splash in style. #NikeDunk #FishScales #AquaticInspiration

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