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Dunk Low GS 'Pink Foam'

Dunk Low GS 'Pink Foam'

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Introducing the deadstock Nike Dunk Low 'Pink Foam'—a classic silhouette enhanced with a touch of pastel elegance.

Key Features:

  • Timeless Design: The Nike Dunk Low boasts a timeless design that has been a staple in sneaker culture for decades. The low-top silhouette offers a clean and versatile canvas for various color treatments.

  • All-Leather Upper: The sneaker features an all-leather upper, providing a premium look and feel. The white base serves as a neutral backdrop, allowing the pink accents to stand out.

  • Pink Overlays: Soft pink overlays are strategically placed on the upper, adding a touch of femininity and sophistication to the design. The use of pastel hues enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the shoe.

  • Burgundy Swoosh: A signature Swoosh in burgundy graces the side, creating a striking contrast against the white and pink backdrop. The Swoosh is an iconic element that adds a dynamic and recognizable touch to the Dunk Low.

  • Nike Branding: Nike branding hits at the tongue and heel tab feature the same burgundy hue, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious color scheme throughout the design.

  • Durable Cupsole: The Dunk Low is mounted on a durable cupsole, offering both style and functionality. The cupsole design pays homage to the retro aesthetic of the Dunk while providing comfort and support.

  • Pink Rubber Outsole: The pink rubber outsole completes the look, adding a finishing touch of color to the sneaker's overall composition.

The Nike Dunk Low 'Pink Foam' is a celebration of classic design with a contemporary twist. Elevate your sneaker collection with this stylish and versatile silhouette that seamlessly combines heritage and modern aesthetics. #NikeDunk #PinkFoam

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