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Dunk Low GS 'Black White'

Dunk Low GS 'Black White'

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Presenting the deadstock Nike Dunk Low GS 'Black White,' a clean and timeless sneaker designed for big kids, featuring a two-tone color scheme and classic design.

Key Features:

  • Simplistic Two-Tone Color Scheme: The Dunk Low GS 'Black White' embraces a simplistic two-tone color scheme, highlighting the sneaker's clean and classic lines. The combination of a white base with contrasting black overlays creates a versatile and timeless aesthetic.

  • Designed by Peter Moore: Designed by Peter Moore, the same creative mind behind the iconic Air Jordan 1, the Dunk Low inherits a legacy of clean design and enduring style.

  • Leather Upper: The leather upper provides a durable and high-quality construction. The white base and black overlays contribute to the sneaker's minimalist yet impactful design.

  • Low-Profile Midsole: The low-top silhouette features a low-profile midsole, offering a sleek and streamlined look. This design choice enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the sneaker.

  • Rubber Outsole with Traction Pattern: The rubber outsole is equipped with a traction pattern specifically designed for quick pivots on the hardwood. This feature adds functionality to the stylish design.

Elevate the style of big kids with the Nike Dunk Low GS 'Black White,' a timeless sneaker that pays homage to classic design principles. #NikeDunk #BlackWhite #BigKidsFashion

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