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Dunk High 1985 'Yellow Acid Wash

Dunk High 1985 'Yellow Acid Wash

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Introducing a uniquely distressed aesthetic with a revamped build, the deadstock Nike Dunk High in this edition reflects the shoe's OG shape and stance while bringing a fresh, lived-in vibe.

Key Features:

  • Distressed Finish: The sneaker boasts a uniquely distressed finish, giving it a worn-in appearance that adds character and authenticity to the design.

  • OG Shape and Stance: Revamped with a nod to its original form, the Dunk High maintains its iconic shape and stance, providing a timeless and recognizable silhouette.

  • All-Leather Upper: Crafted with an all-leather upper, the shoe features a solid black base, providing a sleek and versatile canvas for the unique design elements.

  • Yellowed 'Acid Wash' Screen Print: A standout feature is the yellowed 'acid wash' screen print on the forefoot and heel overlay, adding a distinct visual appeal and a touch of vintage charm.

  • Hits of Yellow Accents: Additional hits of yellow appear on the Swoosh, collar lining, and Nike-branded woven tongue tag, creating a cohesive color scheme.

  • Durable Rubber Cupsole: The high-top is mounted on a durable rubber cupsole, featuring aged sidewalls that enhance the distressed aesthetic. The pale yellow rubber outsole completes the overall look.

Embrace the uniquely distressed allure of this Nike Dunk High, where vintage vibes meet contemporary style. #DistressedDunk #OGRevival #NikeAgedAppeal

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