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Air Jordan 6 Low 'Lunar New Year'

Air Jordan 6 Low 'Lunar New Year'

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The deadstock Air Jordan 6 Low 'Lunar New Year' celebrates the spirit of the traditional festival with a fusion of cultural symbolism and contemporary sneaker design. These sneakers pay homage to the Lunar New Year, a time of renewal, celebration, and prosperity.

Featuring a vibrant colorway inspired by traditional Chinese motifs, the Air Jordan 6 Low 'Lunar New Year' boasts intricate detailing and rich symbolism. The upper combines premium materials with festive accents, creating a harmonious blend of heritage and innovation.

Embellished with ornate patterns and auspicious symbols, these sneakers capture the essence of the Lunar New Year, symbolizing good fortune, happiness, and success. The iconic Air Jordan 6 silhouette is reimagined with a nod to tradition, making these sneakers a cultural statement and a coveted addition to any sneaker collection.

With its blend of style and significance, the Air Jordan 6 Low 'Lunar New Year' is more than just a sneaker—it's a symbol of unity, prosperity, and the enduring legacy of Jordan Brand.

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