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A J 1 Retro High og ps unc Toe

A J 1 Retro High og ps unc Toe

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The deadstock Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG PS ‘UNC Toe’ brings a scaled-down model tailored for little kids, offering iconic design elements and a color scheme inspired by Michael Jordan's alma mater. Here are the key features of this release:

Key Features:

  1. All-Leather Upper: The high-top sneaker features a construction with an all-leather upper, providing a classic and durable foundation for young wearers.

  2. Classic Color Blocking: The design incorporates classic color blocking, with a white quarter panel serving as the base. Contrasting black hits are featured on the forefoot overlay, high-cut collar, and the signature Nike Swoosh.

  3. University Blue Accents: To pay homage to Michael Jordan's connection to the University of North Carolina (UNC), University Blue accents are strategically placed on the toe box, ankle, and heel. This color adds a vibrant and distinctive touch to the overall design.

  4. Sturdy Rubber Cupsole: The sneaker is mounted on a sturdy rubber cupsole, providing stability and support for active little kids. The cupsole construction is a fundamental aspect of the Air Jordan 1's design, offering durability for everyday wear.

  5. White Sidewalls: The sidewalls of the cupsole are presented in white, contributing to the clean aesthetic and creating a contrast with the black and University Blue elements.

  6. Tar Heel Blue Rubber Outsole: The outsole is crafted from Tar Heel blue rubber, complementing the University Blue accents and adding a pop of color to the bottom of the sneaker.

  7. UNC Inspiration: The color scheme and design pay tribute to the University of North Carolina, where Michael Jordan played college basketball. This connection adds a layer of storytelling to the Air Jordan 1.

  8. PS Sizing (Preschool): Tailored for little kids in preschool sizes, this Air Jordan 1 release offers a comfortable and stylish option for young enthusiasts.

The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG PS ‘UNC Toe’ combines iconic design elements with a youth-friendly approach, allowing little kids to step into a piece of basketball and sneaker history with a touch of UNC pride.

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